UHC Open Show Point Totals

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Andee BullardKruzin on a CaptiveEnglish1043
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenWestern836
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western831
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenEnglish730
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieWestern827
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelWorking Western624
Cheyenne WalkerGood to know Im InvitedNovice623
Nancy BarbeeFamous NA Small TownWestern823
Trista SchroederA Hero in ChanelEnglish521
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicWorking Western618
Michelle HareMacks Blue BoomerangWorking Western616
Cheyenne WalkerGood to know Im InvitedEnglish416
Chelsea WursterNahvarreEnglish516
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western615
Cheyenne WalkerGood to know Im InvitedWestern315
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceWorking Western515
Abigail CapelTommy Supreme ChiefWorking Western515
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelEnglish714
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesNovice414
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondeWestern313
Clarity EasterAAGettaLoadofthisWorking Western713
Clarity EasterAAGettaLoadofthisNovice613
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesEnglish613
Clarity EasterAAGettaLoadofthisEnglish612
Chelsea WursterNahvarreWorking Western411
Abigail CapelTommy Supreme ChiefNovice310
Trista SchroederSplashGaming210
Chelsea WursterNahvarreGaming210
Gracie Blue EllisDixieWestern39
Molly GreenTDA LionheartNovice29
Edie HaywoodSnookimsWestern39
Andee BullardKruzin on a CaptiveNovice29
Michelle HareMacks Blue BoomerangNovice29
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieHalter28
Myra DanielTDA LionheartEnglish38
Myra DanielTDA LionheartHalter38
Ava ChildersIzzatallyouknowEnglish38
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesWestern38
Cassy RheinerPreview My AlibiNovice37
Maddie DayHustlerGaming27
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoEnglish27
Araya McMillionSplashGaming27
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowEnglish47
Macy JurusikSkys the limitEnglish57
Emma TitusRoyalEnglish36
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceNovice35
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowWestern45
Macy JurusikSkys the limitHalter15
Michelle HareMacks Blue BoomerangHalter15
Trista SchroederA Hero in ChanelHalter15
Morgan MatterCheyenneWestern35
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoWestern15
Trista SchroederA Hero in ChanelNovice15
Yvonne PerryVF-47-IMPHalter35
Ava ChildersIzzatallyouknowHalter14
Myra DanielTDA LionheartWestern14
Molly GreenTDA LionheartWorking Western54
Andee BullardKruzin on a CaptiveHalter14
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceHalter14
Myra DanielTDA LionheartNovice14
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowHalter14
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoHalter34
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelHalter13
Jesse DunnMaybe LonesomeEnglish23
Gracie Blue EllisDixieNovice13
Chelsea WursterNahvarreWestern13
Sue BlackstockBring Me RosesNovice23
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesHalter12
Morgan MatterCheyenneNovice12
Emma TitusRoyalNovice12
Jesse DunnMaybe LonesomeNovice32
Yvonne PerryLife of CrimesWestern22
Nancy BarbeeFamous NA Small TownHalter22
Cassy RheinerPreview My AlibiEnglish22
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenHalter12
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter12
Macy JurusikTobyNovice21
Macy JurusikTobyWorking Western21
Clarity EasterAAGettaLoadofthisHalter11
Edie HaywoodSnookimsNovice11
Morgan MatterCheyenneHalter10
Abigail CapelTommy Supreme ChiefHalter10
Sue BlackstockBring Me RosesWestern30
Gracie Blue EllisDixieHalter10
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicHalter20
Emma TitusRoyalHalter10
Edie HaywoodSnookimsHalter10
Maddie DayHustlerWorking Western10
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenNovice10
Cheyenne WalkerGood to know Im InvitedHalter10
Just For CountJust For CountWestern10

* Individual classes

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