UHC Open Makeup Point Totals

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Carrie O'ByrneUr Gonna Love MeWorking Western940
Carrie O'ByrneHancock SkippyWestern839
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedEnglish834
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western730
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieWestern829
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownWestern929
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedNovice629
Nancy BarbeeKrysum AnniemationEnglish628
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceNovice625
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceWorking Western520
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceEnglish419
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefWorking Western518
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefEnglish414
Jesse AndrewsAnnieWorking Western414
Myra DanielTDA LionheartEnglish313
Myra DanielTDA LionheartNovice513
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefNovice613
Michelle PopeSocketts Cool MistNovice210
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedWorking Western210
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoHalter210
Erin WhitfieldSkip the BrownieWestern210
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceHalter29
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondeWestern38
Myra DanielTDA LionheartHalter28
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownEnglish15
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieHalter15
Carrie O'ByrneHancock SkippyPayback15
Carrie O'ByrneUr Gonna Love MePayback15
Michelle PopeSocketts Cool MistWestern45
Myra DanielTDA LionheartWestern15
Taylor LunsfordSocketts Cool MistLeadline (no points)15
Jesse AndrewsAnnieNovice24
Pamela KishSkip the BrowniePayback14
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefHalter14
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondePayback13
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedHalter13

* Individual classes

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