UHC Open PSC Point Totals

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Nancy BarbeeKrysum AnniemationEnglish1147
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenWestern943
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western938
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownWestern1037
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelWorking Western1031
Nancy AppleTimeless EternalNovice627
Myra DanielTDA LionheartNovice525
Molly Stanfield GreenTimeless EternalEnglish624
Karly MarshallCM See Me MovinEnglish523
Nancy AppleTimeless EternalWestern822
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western721
Scarlet ParenteauLucky SpurWorking Western719
Alex BoydLife of CrimesWestern616
Ashlyn CheekZips Platinium AssetWestern413
Beth Ann TateImitation To DixieWestern713
Evan WallSaul GoodWorking Western311
Weslee WinstonSheza Secret DesignHalter210
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelEnglish210
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicWorking Western39
Myra DanielTDA LionheartHalter29
Ashlyn CheekZips Platinium AssetNovice28
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownNovice28
Anita RichardsonCaptain JackNovice28
Lynn PerryVF 47 ImpWorking Western28
Myra DanielTDA LionheartEnglish27
Molly Stanfield GreenTDA LionheartWorking Western37
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionNovice36
Myra DanielTDA LionheartWestern15
Evan WallSaul GoodPayback15
Alex BoydLife of CrimesNovice25
Gracyn JusticeImitation To DixieWestern25
Weslee WinstonSheza Secret DesignChampionship Halter (no points)15
Karly MarshallCM See Me MovinHalter15
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenPayback15
Raylee SorrellLucky SpurLeadline (no points)15
Karly MarshallCM See Me MovinColor (no points)15
Jose PortilloLopin Slow AfternoonColor (no points)14
Ashlyn CheekZips Platinium AssetPayback14
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelPayback14
Yvonne PerryVF 47 ImpHalter14
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicHalter14
Jackie DaughtonEndygo FMAHalter14
Karly MarshallCM See Me MovinChampionship Halter (no points)14
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionWestern34
Gracie BarhamVirtually A ChickenHalter13
Brooke ConradLittle Ocean AnnieNovice13
David MunnCarolina KromePayback13
Lori WilliamsArt I Sweet AfternoonColor (no points)13
Lori WilliamsArt I Sweet AfternoonHalter13
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelHalter13
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionHalter12
Evan WallSaul GoodHalter12
Brooke ConradLittle Ocean AnnieWorking Western22
Jose PortilloLopin Slow AfternoonHalter11
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter11
Gracyn JusticeImitation To DixieNovice10

* Individual classes

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