UHC Open P & P Point Totals

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Nancy BarbeeKrysum AnniemationEnglish1153
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownWestern1138
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayWestern838
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western730
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedEnglish629
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceNovice625
Carrie O'ByrneSmashed PlaygirlWorking Western525
Jennifer PaschalLife of CrimesWestern623
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedNovice622
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefNovice617
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondeWestern416
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceEnglish416
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceWorking Western415
Haylie JoinesRuby RoseWorking Western715
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefWorking Western414
Mary MurrayGoose (Bayberry Valentine)Working Western413
Luke BriansOne Chip DownNovice312
Morgan StoevenerPennies to PaydayWestern311
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionNovice310
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefEnglish310
Cheyenne WalkerGood To Know I Was InvitedWorking Western38
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicWorking Western38
Michelle PopeThunderWorking Western46
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceHalter26
Haylie JoinesRuby RoseNovice26
Jennifer PaschalLife of CrimesNovice15
Luke BriansOne Chip DownColor (no points)15
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownNovice15
Nick BriansJust Spot MeChampionship Halter (no points)15
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayPayback15
Nick BriansJust Spot MeHalter15
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicHalter15
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicChampionship Halter (no points)14
Michelle PopeThunderNovice24
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondePayback14
Mary MurrayGoose (Bayberry Valentine)Novice14
Yvonne PerryVF 47 ImpHalter14
Nick BriansJust Spot MeColor (no points)14
Luke BriansOne Chip DownWestern23
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionWestern23
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayHalter13
Michael BarbeeFamous in a Small TownColor (no points)13
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefHalter13
Jennifer PaschalLife of CrimesPayback13
Nick BriansJust Spot MeWestern11
Michael BarbeeFamous in a Small TownHalter11
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionHalter10
Luke BriansOne Chip DownHalter10

* Individual classes

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