UHC Open Show MQ Point Totals

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Nancy BarbeeKrysum AnniemationEnglish1147
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownWestern1042
Elizabeth WhittEver Just Want ToEnglish941
Carrie O'ByrneSmashed PlaygirlWorking Western939
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceNovice626
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceEnglish420
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefNovice618
Michael FriedKM Best N SlowWestern418
Morgan StoevenerPennies to PaydayWestern417
Chelsea WursterNahvarreEnglish417
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieWestern517
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayWestern416
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western616
Ken SharpHancock SkippyWorking Western515
Sarah CooperKD DidWorking Western414
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceWorking Western314
Chelsea WursterNahvarreWorking Western412
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionNovice312
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicWorking Western410
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoHalter210
Nancy BarbeeFamous in a Small TownNovice210
Taira BlountTaste the RainbowNovice310
Taira BlountTaste the RainbowWorking Western69
Elizabeth WhittEver Just Want ToNovice29
Mary MurrayGoose (Bayberry Valentine)Working Western49
Susan JeffeyHe's So Blazing HotHalter28
Myra DanielTDA LionheartHalter28
Susan JeffeyHe's So Blazing HotNovice38
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionWestern27
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefWorking Western27
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefEnglish37
Myra DanielTDA LionheartNovice56
Myra DanielTDA LionheartEnglish26
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoEnglish26
Yvonne PerryVF 47 ImpHalter15
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayColor (no points)15
Sarah CooperKD DidHalter15
Susan JeffeyHe's So Blazing HotChampionship Halter (no points)15
Elizabeth WhittEver Just Want ToPayback15
Ken SharpHancock SkippyPayback15
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoWestern15
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceWestern14
Myra DanielTDA LionheartWestern14
Charles DanielVido BarbarinoChampionship Halter (no points)14
Jose PortilloChocolate Lopin MedleyColor (no points)14
Mary MurrayGoose (Bayberry Valentine)Novice24
Carrie O'ByrneSmashed PlaygirlPayback14
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionEnglish13
Taira BlountTaste the RainbowPayback13
Elizabeth WursterNahvarreHalter23
Lori WilliamsLopin Like ChocolateHalter13
Lori WilliamsLopin Like ChocolateColor (no points)13
Gracie GuyMiss Dominant DeuceHalter23
Nick BriansJust Spot MeColor (no points)12
Luke BriansBayberry HunterWestern12
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieHalter12
Susan JeffeyHe's So Blazing HotWorking Western12
Lynn PerryWhiz's Smartest ChicHalter12
Luke BriansOne Chip DownWorking Western12
Alex BoydI Like Simple GirlsWorking Western22
Victoria MidkiffPennies to PaydayHalter11
Abigail CapelTommys Supreme ChiefHalter11
Alex BoydI Like Simple GirlsNovice31
Lynn PerryVF 47 ImpWorking Western11
Luke BriansBayberry HunterColor (no points)11
Jose PortilloChocolate Lopin MedleyHalter10
Nick BriansJust Spot MeWestern10
Nick BriansJust Spot MeHalter10
Luke BriansOne Chip DownNovice30
Luke BriansBayberry HunterHalter10
Luke BriansBayberry HunterWorking Western10
Elizabeth BewickSkips ReactionHalter10
Cassie StoevenerBayberry HunterWestern10

* Individual classes

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