Circle K Open Point Totals

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Molly GreenBring Me RosesWestern944
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western943
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationEnglish1041
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationWestern936
Micaela MitchellMaybe LonesomeWorking Western827
Molly GreenLeo's Blue Eyed BlazeWorking Western524
Erin WhitfieldCool Smokin CowgirlEnglish523
Abigail CapelChiefWorking Western520
Michelle PerryExtremely Hot MessWestern518
Sheri KenneyLyon Hearted DancerEnglish517
Erin WhitfieldSkip the BrownieWestern716
Barbara ZoyMy Rule for MoneyEnglish416
Molly GreenDont Touch My TufHalter315
Gracie GuyDixieEnglish515
Gracie GuyDixieWestern614
Weslee WinstonSheza Secret DesignHalter312
Abigail CapelChiefEnglish512
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationHalter311
Patricia YoderCool Smokin CowgirlEnglish311
Kate JacksonEddieLeadline210
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondeWestern38
Myra DanielTDA LionheartHalter28
Charles DanielSerafino El SihrHalter28
Bethany SharpeFamous in a Small TownWestern25
Gracie GuyDixiePayback25
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieWestern35
Audrielle WillardTrooperEnglish15
Abigail CapelChiefWestern15
Molly GreenBring Me RosesPayback15
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter15
Molly GreenLeo's Blue Eyed BlazePayback15
Erin WhitfieldCool Smokin CowgirlPayback15
Alexis HunterTrooperPayback14
Micaela MitchellCowboys Lexi ZipHalter34
Joslyn McCleelandEddieEnglish14
Abigail CapelChiefPayback24
Jennifer PaschalPrize Winning BlondePayback14
Pamela KishSkip the BrownieHalter24
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowEnglish44
Emily BatistaMerlinPayback13
Micaela MitchellMaybe LonesomePayback13
Jackie DaughtonSemper A More ToHalter13
Meah MorganTrooperEnglish13
Molly GreenDont Touch My TufWestern12
Jennifer PaschalPrize Winning BlondeWestern22
Bethany SharpeFamous in a Small TownHalter22
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowWestern31
Emily BatistaRangerEnglish11
Joslyn McCleelandRangerPayback11
Abigail CapelChiefHalter10
Audrielle WillardEddiePayback10
Meah MorganStormyPayback10
Kristan JohnsonSecretie CoolHalter20
Alexis HunterEddieEnglish10
Gracie GuyDixieHalter10
Erin WhitfieldSissyWestern10
Jennin ChildersIzzatallyouknowPayback10

* Individual classes

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