Piedmont Saddle Club Point Totals

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Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationWestern1042
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationEnglish1039
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western939
Molly Stanfield GreenBring Me RosesWestern733
Michelle HareChocolate Chip DoughWorking Western731
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyWestern627
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelWorking Western824
Ashlyn CheekParty on ImpulseWestern924
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyEnglish524
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelEnglish622
Molly Stanfield GreenLeo's Blue Eyed BlazeWorking Western621
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoEnglish420
Taylor HundleyMerlinEnglish519
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesEnglish517
Kendall MorrisonRavi's Going GoldWorking Western816
Molly Stanfield GreenDont Touch My TufHalter314
Tina HarvaliasPrize Winning BlondeWestern414
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyHalter210
Emma DysonRangerLeadline210
Sheila ElliottLow Ridin' DivaWorking Western410
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationHalter39
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesWestern49
Kenadii McCormackCrossbells BossyWorking Western37
Kendall MorrisonMostly Good TimesHalter27
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelTrail15
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelHalter15
Sheila ElliottLow Ridin' DivaHalter25
Kendall MorrisonMostly Good TimesWorking Western14
Tim BeesleyA Good Hot MachineWorking Western14
Kendall MorrisonRavi's Going GoldTrail14
Lori WilliamsZippin After NoonHalter14
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter13
Delanie PaschalBums AwayTrail13
Yvonne MorrisonRavi's Going GoldEnglish13
Jose PortilloCertainly Outa ReachHalter13
Evan WallSaul GoodWorking Western12
Yvonne MorrisonRavi's Going GoldHalter22
Brooke ConradBoom Boom CattleannieWorking Western12
Molly Stanfield GreenDont Touch My TufWestern12
Michelle GregoryBoom Boom CattleannieWorking Western21
Nancy BarbeeKrymsum AniemationPayback10
Evan WallLittle Ocean AnnieWorking Western10
Molly Stanfield GreenLeo's Blue Eyed BlazePayback10
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoPayback10
Michelle HareChocolate Chip DoughPayback10
Molly Stanfield GreenBring Me RosesPayback10
Kendall MorrisonRavi's Going GoldPayback10
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyPayback20
Taylor HundleyMerlinPayback10
Gail ChristianSaul GoodWorking Western30
Meghan BoggsLittle Ocean AnnieWorking Western10
Delanie PaschalBums AwayPayback10
Yvonne MorrisonMostly Good TimesPayback10
Lisa BoggsLittle Ocean AnnieWorking Western10
Taylin NickersonBerts Golden SequelPayback20

* Individual classes

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