UHC Circle K Point Totals

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Kendall MorrisonMostly Good TimesEnglish1046
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeWorking Western943
Kendall MorrisonMostly Good TimesWestern941
Nancy BarbeeBerts Golden SequelEnglish1139
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyWestern933
Heidi MahanSneaknicWorking Western830
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western1024
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyEnglish624
Mercy ThompsonMagikhat AFEnglish523
Bailey MayhoodA Simple ChipWestern522
Kirsten BrewerGusWorking Western619
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexWestern617
Beth MerrittNovel IdeaEnglish516
Lillie ByrdSmart Que BarWorking Western614
Nancy BarbeeBerts Golden SequelWorking Western1013
Myra DanielVido BarbarinoEnglish412
Brooke OakesJ.B. HollywoodEnglish312
Ronnie PopePremoliciousHalter312
Weslee WinstonBeau Comme LeSoleilWestern712
Faith IsleyBring Me RosesWestern512
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaWorking Western411
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyHalter210
Michelle PopeThunderWorking Western58
Jackie DaughtonG Viktor GHalter28
Bailey MayhoodA Simple ChipEnglish37
Lindsey BullardAnnie Hot PineWorking Western77
April TannerShow Me Ima Hot ChipWestern47
Kendall MorrisonMostly Good TimesHalter26
Michelle PerryExtremely Hot MessWestern46
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufLonge Line15
Charles DanielSerafino El SihrHalter25
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufHalter15
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexHalter15
Faith NickersonAl Be Steady N ReadyTrail15
Laura SmithGracieEnglish55
Myra DanielVido BarbarinoHalter25
Mason MayhoodA Simple ChipLeadline15
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaHalter15
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeCalcutta15
Chloe HoffmanMr Hard Roc DocWorking Western54
Lindsey BullardAnnie Hot PineCalcutta14
Carley WheelisWhole Lotta RosieHalter34
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter14
Brooke OakesJ.B. HollywoodWestern14
Delanie PaschalBums AwayTrail14
Grace SquiresRavi's Going GoldLeadline14
Carley WheelisWhole Lotta RosieLonge Line14
Nancy BarbeeBerts Golden SequelTrail13
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanWorking Western33
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanCalcutta13
Tehya WeaverDr. LamagamapusHalter33
Emily WishartMCCool Skip IllusionWorking Western63
Mercy ThompsonMagikhat AFHalter23
Nancy BarbeeBerts Golden SequelHalter13
Gabby SquiresMostly Good TimesLeadline13
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeTrail12
Yvonne MorrisonRavi's Going GoldWorking Western62
Bailey MayhoodA Simple ChipHalter12
Delanie PaschalBums AwayCalcutta12
Molly StanfieldVF 47 ImpHalter12
Molly StanfieldVF 47 ImpWorking Western12
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanTrail11
Carley WheelisWhole Lotta RosieWorking Western11
Mikayla MooreShootin the BreezeWorking Western41
Lillie ByrdSmart Que BarTrail10
Lauren FieldsCocoaWorking Western30
Tehya WeaverDr. LamagamapusWorking Western10
Yvonne MorrisonRavi's Going GoldEnglish20
Bailey MayhoodA Simple ChipTrail10

* Individual classes

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