UHC Raleigh Saturday Point Totals

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Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoEnglish941
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoWestern940
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeWorking Western940
Molly StanfieldBring Me RosesWestern938
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western930
Kerri CraterSqualin' CatWorking Western1029
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexWestern728
Erin WhitfieldCool Smokin CowgirlEnglish522
Terri TafferOne Giant Step for WhimpsWorking Western620
Patricia YoderCool Smokin CowgirlEnglish416
Ronnie PopePremoliciousHalter315
Barbara Elmore ZoyMy Rule for MoneyEnglish414
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoCalcutta210
Steve NelsonChocolate Chip DoughWorking Western710
Debbie PotterBest PotentialWorking Western1010
Nancy BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidWestern610
Weslee WinstonBeau Comme LeSoleilWestern59
Emily WishartMCCool Skip IllusionWorking Western69
Erin WhitfieldInvite Me I'm MagicWestern49
Roy TilleyThe Kid Has CharismaHalter28
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaWorking Western57
Kirsten BrewerGusWorking Western67
Ronnie PopeZippo Socket ImprintWestern47
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufHalter36
Pamela KishThe Skies The LimitHalter26
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufLonge Line15
Beth BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidWestern15
Nancy BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidHalter35
Ronnie PopeZippo Socket ImprintCalcutta15
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeCalcutta15
Delanie PaschalBums AwayTrail15
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter25
Barbara Elmore ZoyMy Rule for MoneyCalcutta14
Amanda TilleyRednecks Hobo ZippoCalcutta14
Patricia YoderInvite Me I'm MagicWestern34
Delanie PaschalBums AwayCalcutta14
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeTrail14
Becky PaschallTNT Digital ZipWestern14
Steve NelsonChocolate Chip DoughCalcutta13
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanWorking Western53
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaHalter13
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanTrail13
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western52
Amanda TilleyRednecks Hobo ZippoWestern42
Michelle PopeThunderWorking Western52
Pamela KishJumpin Jack FlashWestern22
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanCalcutta12
Pamela KishThe Skies The LimitEnglish12
Becky PaschallTNT Digital ZipHalter22
Debbie PotterBest PotentialTrail12
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexHalter21
Erin WhitfieldPF Melodies TraditionWorking Western41
Haley WalshWayward Winds Restless WhisperWorking Western71
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexTrail11
Pamela KishThe Skies The LimitWorking Western20
Amanda TilleyRednecks Hobo ZippoTrail10
Beth BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidTrail10
Tara PittButter BeanWorking Western30
Patricia YoderCool Smokin CowgirlTrail10
Amanda TilleyBrandyWorking Western40

* Individual classes

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