UHC Raleigh Sunday Point Totals

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Molly StanfieldBring Me RosesWestern940
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoWestern939
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeWorking Western836
Nancy BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidEnglish936
Delanie PaschalBums AwayWorking Western935
Pam McMillanZippinstraitforrenoEnglish630
Erin WhitfieldCool Smokin CowgirlEnglish626
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexWestern724
Carrie KirbyOld Gold MoonshineWorking Western519
Kerri CraterSqualin' CatWorking Western617
Barbara Elmore ZoyMy Rule for MoneyEnglish514
Rachel GarnowJRS Spotted DaisyWestern413
Ronnie PopePremoliciousHalter313
Larry HillHigh Brow WhaspWorking Western210
Erin WhitfieldPF Melodies TraditionWorking Western310
Roy TilleyThe Kid Has CharismaHalter210
Lindsey BullardAnnie Hot PineWorking Western79
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufHalter38
Erin WhitfieldInvite Me I'm MagicEnglish28
Erin HorrellAquantaEnglish37
Erin WhitfieldInvite Me I'm MagicWestern47
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaWorking Western57
Ronnie PopeZippo Socket ImprintWestern47
Debbie PotterBest PotentialWorking Western57
Weslee WinstonBeau Comme LeSoleilWestern57
Kirsten BrewerGusWorking Western76
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexHalter26
Erin WhitfieldInvite Me I'm MagicCalcutta15
Matthew McVeyOld Gold MoonshineWorking Western35
Sheila ElliottLow Riding DivaHalter15
Nancy BarbeeAn Obvious Cool KidHalter15
Molly StanfieldDont Touch My TufLonge Line15
Molly StanfieldLeo Blue Eyed BlazeTrail15
Delanie PaschalBums AwayTrail14
Delanie PaschalBums AwayHalter14
Erin WhitfieldPF Melodies TraditionWestern14
Erin HorrellAquantaCalcutta14
David MunnCarolina KromeWorking Western43
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanTrail13
Barbara Elmore ZoyMy Rule for MoneyCalcutta13
Nancy HobsonNorma JeanWorking Western62
Debbie PotterBest PotentialTrail12
Tara PittButter BeanWorking Western22
Emily TugmanChips Chocolate ChexTrail11
Amanda TilleyRednecks Hobo ZippoWorking Western50
Haley WalshWayward Winds Restless WhisperWorking Western30
Larry HillBlondes Are SpecialWestern30
Steve NelsonChocolate Chip DoughWorking Western30

* Individual classes

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